JET 321547 GH-1340W-3 Lathe Review – Long Lasting Machine For All Kinds Of work

Among the many creations of the JET Company, JET 321547 GH1340w – 3 Lathe is a brilliant one. The JET Company is well known for their quality work in designing and manufacturing tools that are both durable and quite effective in their duties. They consider the needs of their customers before designing and manufacturing the machine.

JET 321547 GH-1340W-3 Lathe

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Through many tolerances testing it has been proven that the machine is very tolerant and hence very able to perform multi jobs. The heavy duty stands make it able to withstand heavy weight. This is one among the many exclusive designing power of the JET Company. It is a DRO taper attachment and collet closer.

Price and the main feature list

The list price of this lathe is $14,809.99. As normal in Amazon, you get a discount. In this machine, you get a discount of 13% and hence the price is lowered to $12,920.19. To get your machine, you have to wait for 2 to 3 days to get it.

The main features of the lathe include:-

  • The gearbox and the headstock have features like hardened and grounded gears.
  • To ensure that the operation runs smoothly it is advised that you oil the headstock.
  • The gear head is preferred as it offers larger threading and feeding capabilities and you do not have to chance the gear to experience the change.
  • It has a stand which is heavy duty
  • It has a chip tray which is in the front and removable.
  • Foot brakes
  • A micro carriage bed stop
  • It has working lamps which function through the use of halogen
  • Tool box with the corresponding tools


Who is it for?

Do you do tapering as fun as a professional then this lathe is the right machine for your work.  It has tightened gears hence they do not spoil easily. They are a common tool which comes together with its personal tool box and the tools. They produce threads that are larger than those of other machines.

Pros and cons

The presence of a stand ensures that they are stable while you are working with them. They taper and thread. The threading is larger than the normal size. The gears for the machine happen to be tighter hence the machine is durable. To power it, it used halogen working lamps which are long lasting. The gears have to be oiled regularly. This ensures that the machine runs smoothly without failure. The lathe comes along with its own tools box with all the tools that are needed while you are using the machine.

The gears are tightened and grounded ensuring that they do not malfunction. This ensures that the machine is long lasting. It has a headstock and the gearbox which create precision and accuracy in the work that they are doing.  It has an installed collet closer. The shafts are utilized by the manufacturers.

During operation of the machine, it is necessary to frequently oil the headstock and the gears to ensure the smooth working of the lathe. This is time consuming.

Why you should buy it?

The lathe is long lasting. Moreover, it produces nice treads which are larger than normal. The tool box and the tools ease your work while you are working with the machine.


This great lathe is the right machine to get if you looking for a long lasting machine.

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